ULTIMATE PACKAGE   |   This is our Ultimate Package and it has been specifically designed for those companies or individuals who need a big and complex website, eCommerce (web shop or online store), business branding, SEO and a digital marketing strategy. This package combines all of that, and more.

The main part of this package is, of course, the web design. We will design a stunning, professional website, according to your needs, which will be defined by a homepage (main page) and up to 80 subpages (linked pages) that branch off the main homepage. You can still choose between a single or multiple page design, but what sets this package apart is that we will do all the specific coding, custom-tailoring and more, so the end product will look sleek, professional and superb.

The Ultimate Package is perfect for everyone: start-up companies, small and medium-sized businesses or individuals who wish to create or refresh their on-line presence. The realisation of this package is anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and specific needs of the client.




An ultimate, professionally looking, high-quality WordPress based website that our team of dedicated web designers will build according to your specific needs and wishes. This website will be suitable for you, your clients & potential customers and search engines.


This package allows up to 80 pages in total (homepage included). You can choose whether to go for the single page or for the multiple page design. In the case of the single page design, your entire website will be presented on one page (homepage). In the case of the multiple page design, other pages will branch off the homepage.

Please note that each blog post and each product in eCommerce is classified as an additional page. For example, if you are planning to have a homepage, plus 39 subpages, you can have up to 30 product and 10 blog post (you can add new blog posts later).

If you are planning to have even more than 80 pages, you will be additionally charged £30 for each new page (this applies to the web and blog pages and to the eCommerce products).


As a part of this package, we will provide all the content for your website. This includes copywriting service (writing texts) and sourcing stock images for your new website. We will still, however, require you to provide us with some basics: what would you like us to write about on each page, what your company does, statistical data, names of the employees, etc...


Copywriting - we will make the final preparations and tweaks of all the texts on the website, making sure they are all desktop, tablet and mobile friendly. You can have a reasonable amount of text on each page (up to 500 words per page).

Images - we will prepare all the images for the insertion into the website. This includes adjusting them and making final tweaks in terms of: colour, size and format (cropping images into desired dimensions and formats). In this package, you are allowed up to 300 images per website.


The Ultimate Package now comes with an SEO service in duration of 1 month. This is enough to get you started, but if you would like your website to be optimised for a longer period of time, you should consider buying a separate SEO package.


During the design process, as a part of this package, we provide up to 4 revisions (consultations), expert advice and customer support. So, relax and leave everything to our team of experienced, professional web designers.

This package comes with technical support for your website after the project has been completed, in duration of 6 months.


This package comes with website hosting for the duration of 1 year and with 1 domain name registration. This means that your new website will be protected with a Security SSL Certificate and that you will have unlimited web space on an SSD drive. This offer is valid for the duration of 1 year.


We will provide you with a selection of paid WordPress themes to choose for your website. Once you have chosen the theme that you prefer, we can customise it and tailor it to suit your specific needs. The goal is to present your business, product or service in the best way possible. Choosing the right theme is an important decision, it lays foundations and it makes the basis of your future website. For more information on this topic please visit our Q & A page.


Digital marketing strategy is a one year plan that we will devise specifically for your business in order to facilitate growth, attract more customers and boost profits. It is a custom tailored study designed only for you and targeting your specific case. It is produced by our marketing experts.


We will determine and design a set of company colours, brand new logo and slogan for your business. Business branding is crucial because it gives consistency to your business, creates an image of experience, reliability & quality and sets you apart from the competition. We will listen to your ideas and propose our own so that we come to the solution that is the best for you.

Company colours - In the beginning of the design process, after consulting you and hearing your ideas, we will determine the best set of company colours. We combine psychology, Feng-Shui, the image you aspire to project with your business and blend them all to produce 3 sets of possible company colours for you to choose from.

Logo - We will hear your thought and give our own ideas to design stunning new logo for your business. We will offer 3 different solutions for your new logo and you will choose one that we will finish and present as a final product.

Slogan - We will, upon consulting you, come up with 3 professionally crafted slogans for you to choose as your final slogan. If you desire, we will incorporate this slogan into your new company logo. All this is happening in conjunction with the team of our experienced copywriters and graphic designers.


This package comes with an eCommerce engine (web shop or online store). It means you can have your own online store and start earning money by selling your products or services on the Internet.

This package also comes with WooCommerce that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, it powers 30% of web stores on the Internet.

If you do not need an eCommerce engine, you can always choose not to have it installed, but make sure to let us know what your requirements are in the beginning of the web design process.




This package does not include management of your website after it has been completed. For a website management service, please feel free to visit our Website Management Package.


We currently do not provide a photo shooting service.

Remember, our approach is honest, straightforward and there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Before purchasing this package, make sure to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Package prices are subject to change and are valid only while displayed on the website.