SEO PACKAGE   |   Search Engine Optimisation will improve your existing website so that it acquires a higher ranking on search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing. The SEO is an ongoing and never-ending process, rather than a one-time event. Every few months Google is developing new algorithms that it uses to rank websites and therefore the need for a continuous and high-quality SEO for your website has become even greater and can enable you to acquire a very high ranking on Google.

This package offers an SEO optimisation service for your website for the duration of 3 months. It usually takes some time for the SEO to show its first results (higher ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo and more visits to your website). We always advise our clients to choose this package for at least 6 or 12 months to achieve full expectations. We have created this basic SEO package so that it is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that do not want to spend too much money on SEO, but who still want their website to be SEO optimised which can make significant difference in the ranking and visibility of their website.




The main way people search for your products and services on the internet is by using key wordsand they often use words that you are not anticipating. keyword research is crucial! It allows us to understand the ways your customers are interacting with search engines. For example, when selling handbags, you might assume that people are searching for that products by using that term alone. In reality, they are using other keywords.

As a part of this package, we will perform a keyword research for your website. Then, we will devise and optimise the keywords for your website regularly for the period of 3 months. Optimisation will occur once a month, so per package, you will receive three keyword optimisations.


When your content is live and online, we have to make sure that the search engines can find it. Search engines need to be able to "crawl" your website and locate pages that they can add to their searchable "index" or "book" of the web. It is possible to block them without realising.

That is why we are here to make sure that every page of your website is properly indexed and findable by search engines. As a part of this package, we will update this info and re-check it once a month for the duration of 3 (three) calendar months.


As a part of this package, we will perform a so-called an SEO Health Check of your website, once per calendar month, for the duration of three months.

We do this by using a set of tools and advice resources offered by search engines. We will enrol your site in these services as they can pinpoint the important website issues such as crawling, etc...


As a part of the technical Setup of this package, we will install various tools that are crucial for delivering a high quality SEO service, such as: Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, an SEO plugin (if your website is WordPress based) and Robots.txt.

Google Analytics allows us to measure the effectiveness of our SEO efforts and lets us monitor your website performance. It provides important statistical data such as: visitor numbers, most popular pages and how much time these visitors are spending on your website.

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools are useful for letting us see who is linking to your site, what search terms are sending visitors to your site, whether your site has any issues that need to be fixed quickly, etc...

SEO plugin on a WordPress based websites, this helps us optimise your content. One of our favourites is Yoast because it is easy to use and packed with powerful features. Having an SEO plugin like that installed will help you meet all of the recommended SEO criteria!

Robots.txt file contains instructions for search engines, which pages of your site to ignore during the "crawl". So, if a link is disallowed in your "robots.txt" files, that link and its contents will not appear in Google search results.


The duration of service in this package is 3 calendar months. You will receive one SEO optimisation per calendar month (this means your website will be optimised once a month). This is because Google frequently updates its search algorithms and new optimisations have to be carried our often, to keep your website climbing on Google's ranking list.


Having quality content that matches most of the users search criteria is of the utter most importance. This is accomplished by cleverly interweaving all of the important keywords into the text of each web page. Great content will not only push your website up in ranking on Google, but it will also add value to your website and boost up your overall company image. We use special techniques in copywriting, by offering advice rather than merely selling and pushing your products or services, may dramatically help you gain good ranking on search engines.

As a part of this package, we will re-evaluate and when needed, fine-tune the entire content of your website once a month for the duration of 3 (three) calendar months, by using selected keywords and phrases.


One of the main ways search engines decide which pages should rank well is by looking at the links to those pages, high-quality links get a boost. Often links are built the wrong way, It is quality of links not quantity that counts. There is no easy way to gain links, as search engines reward the "hard links" first (the ones that took some effort to build).

In this package, we will manage and build the links to your website for you, for 3 (three) calendar months. We do this by discovering the type of site your customers frequently visit and read. Then we build a relationship with a site and understand what type of content they publish and how they link to the external sources. We will utilise this knowledge build it into your package and promote your site according to your wishes.


The way your website’s code is optimised is very important. This is so that search engines can read the content of your website properly.

In this package we achieve this by: creating an SEO-friendly URL structure and avoiding dynamic URLs. We consolidate your www and non-www domain versions, using canonical tags, creating an XML sitemap, introducing title tags and the Meta description tags. We introduce the Alt tags, adding relevant keywords in all your heading tags through proper interlinking.

After performing these initial optimisations, we will re-check them and make sure they are all accurate and in accordance with Google’s newest Search Algorithms, once a month for 3 (three) calendar months which is the duration of this package.


We provide up to three consultations, expert advice, and customer support with this package. So feel free to relax and leave everything to our team of experienced SEO specialists.




If you wish to continue with this service after the period of 3 months, you should consider buying this package again.


Developing of marketing strategy, marketing advice, company branding, development of logos or slogans. If you require these services, then please visit our web design packages marked in red.

Remember, our approach is honest, straightforward and there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Before purchasing this package, make sure to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Package prices are subject to change and are valid only while displayed on the website.