EXTRA LARGE WEB DESIGN PACKAGE ✪ Specifically designed for those companies and individuals that require a complex and sophisticated eCommerce website with business branding. Business branding in this package includes logo and slogan design and an expert selection of company colours.

A team of our dedicated web developers will design a superb website, according to your specific needs. This superb website comes with up to 30 pages (homepage + 29 separate pages).

This package is perfect for start-ups, SMEs and individuals that require a large, robust, yet sleek, fast and responsive website. It is specifically tailored as a superior package, offering a unique way to present a company, a service, a products or an idea whilst tapping into the potentially unlimited pool of new online customers. The completion time for this package is between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and specific needs of the client.

" 86% of B2B buyers read content and websites through a mobile device - is your website mobile-friendly? " - Genwi




As a part of this package we will design a superb Word Press based website that our team of dedicated web developers will build according to our client's specific brief, needs and wishes. This website can belong to any category such as: advertising, art, automotive, business, fashion, health, kids, legal, news, religion, retail, sports, technology, travel... just to name a few.


This package comes with a free website hosting service and one domain name registration (, .org or .com). The new website will benefit from unlimited web space on an SSD drive and it will be protected by a security SSL certificate. This offer is valid for the duration of 1 year.


This package comes with a possibility of an eCommerce (online store) engine build directly into the new website. This type of website can be used to sell products or services online, as well as an easy and hassle-free management of sold items, automatic email notifications, invoicing and more...

It comes with a powerful WooCommerce engine that allows items to be sold effortlessly, easily and within a few clicks. WooCommetce is built to integrate seamlessly with Word Press and it powers 30% of eCommerce websites on the internet. It allows payments to be taken immediately by integrating PayPal as the main payment gateway. This allows for a fast checkout, payments with credit or debit cards and PayPal.

This package also supports a currency switch option where multiple currency payments can be processed at the same time, making it fun and easy to run a business across several countries at the same time.


As a part of this package we will provide all the content necessary for the new website. This includes copywriting services, sourcing stock images and their processing in Photoshop.

We will make sure that the content is carefully tailored to meet even the most demanding client briefs.


WRITTEN CONTENT | We will make all the necessary preparations of the written content for the new website. This assumes fine tweaking and tailoring of all the texts on the website, making sure they are all desktop, tablet and mobile friendly.

IMAGES | We will prepare all the images for the insertion into the new website. This may include tweaking and cropping images in Photoshop, editing texts and preparation for their insertion into the desired place on the new website. We will also tweak the colour, size and format of the images in use. This package allows the use of up to 100 images per website.


This package allows up to 30 pages in total. This means that the main page (homepage) can have up to 29 separate pages that branch off.

We consider each blog post and each product to be an additional page. We always encourage a realistic approach to the number of pages a website should consist of. Even though we always put our customers first, our experience has shown that it is always better choosing a larger package in the beginning, than upgrading later.


This package comes with a selection of paid Word Press themes. Once the preferred theme has been selected, we will customise it and tailor it to suit the specific needs of the client. You can choose between some of the most popular and award-winning Word Press themes from a multitude of categories such as: real estate, cars, legal, corporate, blogging, hotel, travelling, fashion, cooking, etc... Choosing the right theme is a very important decision, as it is the backbone of the new website.


We will determine and design a set of company colours, brand new logo and slogan for your business. Business branding is crucial because it gives consistency to your business, creates an image of experience, reliability & quality and sets you apart from the competition. We listen to our client ideas and propose our own so that we may come to the best possible solution that will bring results.

COMPANY COLOURS | In the beginning of the design process, after consulting you and hearing your ideas, we will determine the best set of company colours. We combine psychology, Feng-Shui, the image you aspire to project with your business and blend them all to produce 3 sets of possible company colours for you to choose from.

LOGO | We will hear your thought and give our own ideas to design stunning new logo for your business. We will offer 3 different solutions for your new logo and you will choose one that we will finish and present as a final product.

SLOGAN | We will, upon consulting you, come up with 3 professionally crafted slogans for you to choose as your final slogan. If you desire, we will incorporate this slogan into your new company logo. All this is happening in conjunction with the team of our experienced copywriters and graphic designers.


We provide unlimited consultations, design advice and customer support with this package, so just relax and leave everything to our team of experienced, professional web developers.

Once the project has been launched, this package comes with technical support in duration of 6 months.




This package does not include the website management after the project has been completed. For website management services consider purchasing our WEBSITE MANAGEMENT PACKAGES.


This package does not include the SEO service. For SEO, please visit our SEO PACKAGE.


This package does not include the development of marketing strategies and marketing advice. If you require these services, then please visit one of our more advanced packages.


We do not organise photo shooting sessions anymore.

Our approach is honest and straightforward. Our packages contain no hidden fees, no additional charges and no surprises.

Before purchasing this package, make sure to agree to our Terms and Conditions. All our prices are final and we keep working on making them even more competitive. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time.