The main aim and purpose behind newsletters The main aim and purpose behind newsletters is to provide all the necessary information related to the product or service provided by the business. The second aim can often be targeting a specific group and a segment of the market. An efficiently and professionally created and conducted newsletter
Email marketing is an incredible tool for business expansion. When it comes to running an on-line business, the first thing we need to consider is the market. Successful businessmen often have a saying that knowing your market and how to communicate with it is of the main ingredients of success. Therefore, we can freely say
First impressions count, don’t they? The overall appearance of a website paired with the first impression a visitor gets upon opening the particular web page makes a huge difference between acquiring a client or having a closed page. First impressions always count the most as they facilitate the decision whether to stay on the website


What is the main difference between SEO and SMO? The process of digital marketing has two main branches – SEO and SMO. SEO refers to the process of Search Engine Optimisation. We wrote extensively about this topic in the previous chapters of this blog. However, it is worth repeating that an SEO stands for the